New Leicester medical hub honours Next’s George Davies

New Leicester £42m vascular disease hub honours Next founder George Davies

  • Image caption – – George Davies also created George at Asda and Per Una for Marks Spencer – – – – A new £42m “cutting-edge” medical hub has been officially named in honour of the founder of Next.Sir David Attenborough opened the George Davies Centre at the University of Leicester.The…
  • Image copyright – University of Leicester – – – – – Image caption – – Leicester’s Hospitals said it aims to provide a “centre of excellence” for vascular services in England – – – – Entrepreneur George Davis made the multi-million pound donation towards the Vascular Limb Salvage Clinic (VaLS)…
  • Image caption – – Sir David Attenborough opened The George Davies Centre at the University of Leicester – – – – The university said it was “fitting” to name the centre to honour the fashion retailer after his donation to VaLS.Professor Philip Baker, head of the College of Life Sciences,…
  • “It was officially opened by Sir Attenborough and his nephew Michael Attenborough, who are co-patrons of the University of Leicester’s Centenary.
  • About Peripheral Vascular Disease – – – – – – – Image copyright – Getty Images – – – – – PVD usually affects the legs and is cause by blocked arteries usually from smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure or raised cholesterol.

George Davies donated more than £5m towards a “centre of excellence” for vascular services in England.
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Finally, SRK’s ‘TEDTalks’ show gets a slot!

Finally, SRK's 'TEDTalks' show gets a slot!  by @ChayaUnni

  • After Hrs told you that Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback TV show TED Talks — India that was to air in October sometime during Diwali has been postponed to December and talks were on about the time slot for the show.
  • Now, we have learnt that the makers have locked on the date and the time slot for the show.
  • Says a source, “Earlier, they were looking at airing it in the same slot that Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate used to air, but later decided against it.
  • If the response to the show is good, they are planning to shoot a couple of episodes more.
  • In case the response is not very overwhelming, they will air only seven episodes and probably come back with a season 2 later.”

Finally, SRK’s ‘TEDTalks’ show gets a slot! – Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback TV show TED Talks
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Colombian elephant gets tusk-saving surgery

  • Image copyright – Jorge_Chavez – – – – – Image caption – – Tantor was sedated for three hours – a dangerous procedure for an animal of his age – – – – The zoo in the Colombian city of Barranquilla successfully performed surgery on a five-tonne African elephant found…
  • Thirty people were involved as the elephant, named Tantor, was sedated for three hours.Root canal work was performed on a cracked tusk.
  • Police had to close off the road outside the zoo and divert traffic to install a crane in case the elephant had to be lifted during the procedure.
  • The operation should have taken place two years ago when Tantor damaged his tusk, but there were delays in obtaining the special anaesthetic used for large vertebrates.Special odontological equipment had to be designed and built for the surgery.
  • Tantor was taken to the zoo in Barranquilla in April 1991 after he was found by Colombia’s National Narcotics Agency on a ranch owned by drug traffickers, along with other animals that were being illegally traded.

A Colombian zoo says the crowd-funded operation was successful.
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BBC Four

  • Behind-the-scenes archive documentary following Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon as they record their sixth album News of the World and embark on a groundbreaking tour of North America.
  • As the band announced plans to record their next album, the expectation was it would be another production extravaganza, but Freddie, Brian, Roger and John already had other ideas.
  • With a self-imposed limit on studio time and produced entirely on their own for the first time, this stripped-back album took the fans and press by surprise and demonstrated Queen’s ability to transcend fashions.
  • To mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the News of the World album, the footage has now been carefully restored and revisited to compile this hour-long portrait of a group setting out to take the next step on their remarkable journey to becoming one of the biggest bands…
  • Revisiting many of the cities they had performed in 40 years previously and including many of the songs from that 1977 album, they prove that despite the tragic loss of Freddie Mercury over 25 years ago, Queen can still rock the world.

Follow Queen as they record their sixth album News of the World and tour North America.
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Child cancer survivor fights for better treatment

  • Vicky Forster beat leukaemia as a child.
  • Now she works as a scientist, trying to change the lives of children with the same disease.
  • Some of her team’s most recent work led to the publication of a clinical alert, advising doctors that a combination of drugs sometimes used to treat leukaemia may have a toxic effect.
  • BBC Health Check speaks to Vicky Forster as part of 100 Women science week.

Vicky Forster beat leukaemia as a child. Now she works as a scientist, trying to change the lives of children with the same disease.
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Ex-Trump aide Mike Flynn ‘offered $15m by Turkey for Gulen’

  • Image copyright – Reuters – – – – – Image caption – – Mr Flynn denies discussing anything illegal – – – – A former top White House aide was reportedly offered $15m (ÂŁ11.5m) to help forcibly remove a Muslim cleric from the US and deliver him to Turkey.Ex-national security…
  • The matter is said to have emerged in a justice department probe into alleged Russian meddling in the US election.Mr Flynn quit his post after misleading the White House about meeting a Russian envoy before President Donald Trump took office in January.The alleged plot to remove the cleric, Fethullah Gulen,…
  • NBC reported that federal investigators are also looking into whether Mr Flynn tried to push for the return of Mr Gulen to Turkey during his time as White House national security adviser.Mr Flynn’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the BBC.
  • Mr Flynn Snr was the first aide in Mr Trump’s White House to resign, after only 23 days on the job.The retired lieutenant general had admitted lying to Vice-President Mike Pence about a meeting with the Russian ambassador in which the lifting of US sanctions was discussed.Mr Flynn also failed…
  • Investigators are also looking into the actions of his son, Michel Flynn Jr, who worked closely with him at Flynn Intel Group.NBC News and The Wall Street Journal also reported that Mr Flynn and the meeting participants had discussed a way to free Turkish-Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab, who is…

Michael Flynn’s lawyer strongly rejects reports that he was promised millions of dollars by Turkey.
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Smartphone obsession is like the obesity epidemic, psychologist says

Your smartphone obsession looks a lot like the obesity epidemic, MIT psychologist says

  • “You have to eat, and people need to learn how to make good food choices,” Turkle, an MIT psychologist and author of “Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other,” told Business Insider.
  • Over the past couple decades, Turkle has become a leading voice in the ways technology has been tearing at our social fabric.
  • The way much of technology is designed mirrors the food industry, Turkle said.
  • According to Turkle, the result is a society that craves its technology at all times, regardless of whether it interferes with social lives or goals, such as getting a restful night’s sleep.
  • Without any oversight that regulates how tech companies design their apps, people are left to rely on willpower alone, Turkle said.

Sherry Turkle, a psychologist at MIT, argues the way tech companies hijack people’s attention mirrors the way food manufacturers load products with sugar.
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