Biodiesel one slick solution, but more to come

  • Using pre-clinical models for multiple sclerosis and samples from MS patients, a Harvard-affiliated team found evidence that changes in diet and gut flora may influence astrocytes in the brain, and neurodegeneration, pointing to potential therapeutic targets.
  • Chen (photo 3) explains the students’ findings.
  • Harvard staff photographers interviewed four sets of twins currently enrolled as undergraduates at Harvard College, to gain a glimpse into these unusual relationships.

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@GreenHarvard: “.@Harvard undergraduates are converting dining hall waste fryer oil into biodiesel”

Students, faculty turn Harvard into a ‘living lab,’ putting sustainability to the test | By turning waste fryer oil into biodiesel, Harvard undergraduates turned a chemistry class into a living lab for understanding the multifaceted problems posed by global climate change and sustainable development.

Biodiesel one slick solution, but more to come | Harvard Gazette