Theresa May admits UK mental health services are ‘patchy’

  • Theresa May says the UK’s mental health services are “patchy” and has told Newsbeat she’s going to review them.
  • “The National Citizens Service will build in mental health awareness,” the prime minister explained.
  • “I saw some of the first sets of training that we’re doing for teachers and staff in schools so they can better identify when young people have mental health problems and to know what is the right support to give to those young people.”
  • We’ve increased the number of mental health beds for young people and we’re putting record amounts of funding into mental health in the national health service.
  • “That’s why one of the things I’ve been doing is actually looking at the community mental health services for young people and reviewing that across the country because it is patchy.

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Theresa May promises mental health care overhaul

  • Mind chief executive Mr Farmer said it was “important to see the prime minister talking about mental health”.
  • Theresa May vows to be ‘one nation’ prime minister
  • Theresa May vows to correct ‘burning injustices’
  • Mental health is everyone’s business and we need to see sustained leadership to make sure services and support improve”.
  • Theresa May is pledging to help schools and companies in England deal with the “hidden injustice” of mental illness.

Theresa May pledges to help schools and companies deal with the “injustice” of mental illness.
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